VPN (Virtual Private Network) is essential for keeping your devices safe and secure. It is also necessary to protect your privacy, especially when you access the internet on Expressvpn router setup. One way of connecting to a VPN is by downloading and installing it on your router itself. Setting up VPN directly on the router has some merits.

When you have the VPN set directly on your router, it will ensure the encryption of all the data on your network. The encryption is done prior to sending any of your data over the internet.

Therefore, it is better to set up the VPN on your router instead of installing it on all the individual devices connected to your network.

ExpressVPN is a very well-known and trusted VPN. It has the following merits when compared to other such VPNs:

  • STEP : 1 It is speedy.
  • STEP : 2 It is also very convenient and simple to use.
  • STEP : 3 It ensures a high-security level.
  • STEP : 4 It can support various platforms.

You can just buy a router that contains a compatible ExpressVPN app. Otherwise, you can buy a router and configure ExpressVPN manually on it. You can do this using your router settings. But manually setting up ExpressVPN will not work for all routers; it is based on the characteristics of a particular router.

To set up an ExpressVPN compatible router, follow the steps given below:

  • STEP : 1 On your computer, go to the default web browser.
  • STEP : 2 Navigate to the ExpressVPN
  • STEP : 3 You would have used a username and password initially when you signed up for ExpressVPN. By making use of that username and password, sign in to Expressvpn router setup now.
  • STEP : 4 When you are on the My Account page, you will see the Dashboard Now, you will also be able to see the Set Up on More Devices  button. Click it.
  • STEP : 5 The above action will open the downloads page.
  • STEP : 6On the downloads page, you will find your Activation Code. Write down the Activation Code because you will be using it later on.
  • STEP : 7When you scroll down the current page, in the menu on your left, click the Router This action will take you to the header named ExpressVPN for Routers.
  • STEP : 8 Here, you will also see a sub-header called Under Setup,  you will be able to find a drop-down list. This list will contain the router options. From this list, select your router.
  • STEP : 9 When you have selected your router, you will find the red Download Firmware Click this button to start the downloading process.
  • STEP : 10 After your downloading process is over, you can start installing the downloaded software on your router.

The instructions for the installation will differ from one router to another. However, the basic steps will be the same. So, let us look into those common steps now:

  • STEP : 1To start with, go to your router admin panel. Log in to the router by typing in your username and password.
  • STEP : 2 For example, in case you are using a Linksys router, you will see the Connectivity You can see this menu on the Linksys panel, on the left.
  • STEP : 3You can also see the Router Firmware Update heading along with the Manual
  • STEP : 4Now, select the Manual You will now see a prompt to choose a file. Locate the firmware file that you downloaded previously. To start with the firmware update, click the Start button.
  • STEP : 5While your router is getting updated, it will restart. After it has restarted, make use of LAN or Wi-Fi to get connected to the router.
  • STEP : 6Navigate to the ExpressVPN router setup website.
  • STEP : 7 It is now time to sign in. Do it using the code, which you will see on the base of the router.
  • STEP : 8 Get the Activation Code (that you noted down earlier). Now, paste this code in the ExpressVPN router website.
  • STEP : 9 You can now start using this web interface for controlling the VPN on the router.
  • STEP : 10 NOTE: For a router model other than Linksys, which is described above, you will see the firmware update option in a different location in your router admin panel. You will probably find it under

To manage ExpressVPN on your router, make use of the steps given here:

  • STEP : 1First, connect your device to the router (on which you have set up ExpressVPN). You can connect using a cable or Wi-Fi. You can find the Wi-Fi username and password on the back or the base of the router.
  • STEP : 2 Now, open the default web browser and navigate to your ExpressVPN
  • STEP : 3 Here, you will be able to view the current status. Usually, you will find a message that states that your ExpressVPN is connected. There will also be a mention of the server to which you are connected.
  • STEP : 4 Click the Disconnect button if you wish to disconnect from the old server and connect to a new one.
  • STEP : 5 Click Select another location. From the drop-down list provided, choose the desired location. This action will get your ExpressVPN connected to the new location.

To handle and manage the devices connected to your network, follow these steps:

  • STEP : 1Go to the VPN
  • STEP : 2Select VPN Options.
  • STEP : 3Now, you can see a list of devices that have been connected to your network most recently.
  • STEP : 4For every device on the list of Expressvpn router setup, you can turn the ExpressVPN protection on or off.