Dual Wan Router Setup

If you want to connect two internet connections to a router, then you can get a Dual WAN router. This router has two WAN ports (internet ports) by default. The DUAL WAN router also has two modes. They are the Failover or Smart Link Backup and Load balancing modes. Based on your router model, the modes of DUAL WAN might vary for dual WAN router setup. Failover or Smart Link Backup: You can configure two internet connections using this mode, but you can utilize one at a time. That means you can use one of the connections to perform your job and when it goes down, the mode turns on automatically without interrupting your internet connection. Load balancing: You can use both internet connections at the same time. The section below will help you to set up the Dual WAN router on the Cisco RV042, RV042G, and RV082 VPN routers.

Setup Dual WAN

  • Step 1 :First, go to your router’s Configuration Utility section.
  • Step 2 :Click the System Management option in the Utility window.
  • Step 3 :Select the Dual WAN option.
  • Step 4 :Now, a window titled Dual WAN will open.
  • Step 5 :Select the mode as per your desire by clicking the radio button beside it.
  • Step 6 :In the same window, you can find the Interface Settings section.
  • Step 7 :This section will help you to edit or modify the WAN connection settings if required.
  • Step 8 :To perform it, select the WAN connection you wish to edit for dual WAN router setup.
  • Step 9 :Click the Configuration button provided beside it.
  • Step 10 :Now, the DUAL WAN dialog box will open.
  • Step 11 :Enter the Upstream and Downstream bandwidth of the selected WAN interface in the given fields.
  • Step 12 :The default bandwidth of upstream and downstream is 512 kbit/sec.
  • Step 13 :Click the checkbox beside the Enable Network Service Detection option below the Network Service Detection section.
  • Step 14 :Set the Retry count, Retry timeout, When fall, and other options as per your desire.
  • Step 15 :Under the Protocol Binding section, select the Service Type from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 16 :Set the Source IP, Destination IP, and Interface type.
  • Step 17 :Click the checkbox beside the Enable option.
  • Step 18 :Finally, click the Save button after completing the dual WAN router setup process.

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