Dsl Router Port Forwarding

Have you ever had a ton load of traffic even though you have just a few devices connected to your wireless network? Well, the solution is simple now. With the help of port forwarding, you will now be able to direct the vast amount of traffic. The port forwarding works by re-directing the traffic to a different port or IP address. The DSL router has a firewall that will normally help you protect the home network from unwanted internet access. You can open a port to implement DSl router port forwarding.

Follow the steps to perform port forwarding on a DSL router

  • Step 1 :Launch your Windows computer and open the default browser.
  • Step 2 :Enter the IP address of the DSL router in the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • Step 3 :To log in to the router interface, enter the default login credentials.

Username: admin

Password: password/admin

  • Step 1 :The router page will now open in the browser.
  • Step 2 :Click the Advanced tab seen at the top of the router page, and on the left side of the pane, select Port forwarding.
  • Step 3 :The Port forwarding page will open on the main page, click the Add button for DSl router port forwarding.
  • Step 4 :Here, we are setting the port forward for Xbox One. (Please check the link provided above for other games and applications)

The ports to forward for Xbox One are:

  • Step 1 :TCP ports: 3074
  • Step 2 :UDP ports: 3074
  • Step 3 :Click the Custom service radio button and name the custom service to identify the port forward later.
  • Step 4 :Enter the lowest range number for the External Port Start and Internal Port Start.
  • Step 5 :Enter the highest range number for the External Port End and Internal Port End.
  • Step 6 :Once you have entered, click the Apply/Save button at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 7 :The port will now be open.

You can make use of third-party applications like the Port checker tool or the Network utility tool to ensure that the ports are open for DSl router port forwarding.