Issue: DNS Server Not Reponding Router

Domain Name Server (DNS) is a naming system that will translate hostnames into IP addresses. If your DNS server not responding router, then the following solutions may help you resolve it.

Solution 1: Changing your DNS server

  • Step 1:Right-click on the Start menu and select the Network Connections option.
  • Step 2:Now, right-click on your connection and click the Properties option.
  • Step 3:Locate the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) option and select it.
  • Step 4:Now, click Properties and go to the General tab.
  • Step 5:Click the radio button beside Use the following DNS server addresses.
  • Step 6:Enter any other DNS server address in the given field and click the OK button.
  • Step 7:Now, check if the DNS server not responding router issue has been resolved.

Solution 2: Disable the IPV6 option

  • Step 1:Go to your computer’s Control Panel window.
  • Step 2:Click the View network status and tasks command line under the Network and Internet section.
  • Step 3:Select the Ethernet option.
  • Step 4:Now, the Ethernet Status dialog box will open.
  • Step 5:Click the Properties button on it.
  • Step 6:De-select the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) option.
  • Step 7:Click the OK button.
  • Step 8:Now, check if the DNS server not responding is fixed.

Solution 3: Resetting your IP address and clear DNS cache

  • Step 1:Open Command Prompt with the admin rights.
  • Step 2:Type the following commands in the cmd window: 
  • Step 3:netsh int ip reset
  • Step 4:netsh winsock reset
  • Step 5:ipconfig /flushdns
  • Step 6:ipconfig /renew
  • Step 7:Tap the Enter button after each command.
  • Step 8:After running all the commands, check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 4: Reset your router

  • Step 1:Resetting your router may help you fix this problem.
  • Step 2:Reset your router by referring to its user manual. The router can be reset by pressing the Reset button or from the web-based setup page.
  • Step 3:If the DNS server not responding router issue persists even after resetting the router, then contact us.