How To Disable P2p On Router?

P2P means “Peer to Peer,” which is the connection between two computers via the internet rather than a network. You can share the data and files between the two systems directly without a central server or networking device. When you have enabled the P2P, it continuously opens the device ports to access or send the data between devices. If you want to turn off the P2P feature on a router, Carry out these steps following steps to disable P2p on router.

Block all ports

  • Step 1 :Open the router setup page on a web browser application.
  • Step 2 :Go to the port settings page and block all the ports of the device except for few ports such as 443 and 80.
  • Step 3 :The web browsers and the web servers use the ports 443 and 80. Besides that, you can block the other ports on the router.
  • Step 4 :In some router setup page, the block list is named as the “white list” or “blacklist.”
  • Step 5 :Go to the desired menu and make the necessary changes. Finally, save the settings.

Filter the device and website

  • Step 1 :Use the filtering features on the router’s configuration page to block data from other devices.
  • Step 2 :Also, try out the web content filtering, which can restrict the download for particular content from the internet.

Turn on the security settings

  • Step 1 :Keep the device protected by enabling the firewall settings.
  • Step 2 :Turn on all the security programs to defend the device from any harmful download.

Access DNS server

  • Step 1 :You can open the DNS server in the web browser window and proceed to create a new account.
  • Step 2 :Now, go to the account settings menu and select the Filtering level.
  • Step 3 :Add the P2P or File Sharing option to the filtering level and block the activity.
  • Step 4 :By using these steps we can execute that how to disable p2p on router.