You can access the internet on your Smart TV when your wireless router is connected to it. Use any of the two methods mentioned here to connect the wireless router to the Smart TV.

Method 1 Wireless connection

Required information: Wireless network name (SSID) and Network security key (password)

  • Step 1:Ensure that your wireless router is turned on.
  • Step 2:Switch on your Smart TV.
  • Step 3:Press the Menu button on your Smart TV remote.
  • Step 4:Navigate to the Network Settings option.
  • Step 5:When you see the Network Settings screen on the Smart TV, set the network type to wireless and select the wireless network name (SSID) from the ‘Select your network type’ section.
  • Step 6:Type the network key (password) of the wireless router in the ‘Enter security key of network’ field.
  • Step 7:These network information can be gathered at the rear side of the wireless router’s label.
  • Step 8:Once the connection is successful, you can access the internet on the Smart TV provided by the wireless router.

Method 2 - Wired connection

Required item: Ethernet cable

  • Step 1:Find the Ethernet port at the rear side of the Smart TV and connect the Ethernet cable’s one end to it.
  • Step 2:The Ethernet cable’s other end needs to be attached to the backside of the wireless router’s port.
  • Step 3:Select the Network Settings option from the Network menu.
  • Step 4:Mention the connection type as wired.
  • Step 5:Now, the wireless router is connected to the Smart TV.