Connect Pc To Tv Through Router

If you want to establish a connection between your PC and the TV via wireless router, proceed with the step-by-step how to connect pc to tv through router guidelines given on this web page.

Components needed:

  • Step 1 :TV software installation CD
  • Step 2 :Ethernet cable
  • Step 3 :TV remote
  • Step 4 :One end of an Ethernet cable needs to be plugged into the LAN port of the TV.
  • Step 5 :Now, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Internet or Ethernet port of your wireless router.
  • Step 6 :Insert an installation CD that is provided along with the TV in the computer’s CD drive.
  • Step 7 :Wait until the computer reads the installation CD. Once done, it will run the installation program automatically.
  • Step 8 :Perform the rest of the instructions to install the software needed for connecting the PC to the TV.
  • Step 9 :Go to the TV and access the Menu by pressing the Menu button on the TV remote.
  • Step 10 :Use the up-down and right-left arrow buttons on the TV remote to find and select the Plug and Play option and proceed with how to connect pc to tv through router steps.
  • Step 11 :Select the Cable Network Setup option followed by the Auto Setup option.
  • Step 12 :This will help the TV to communicate with the wireless router.
  • Step 13 :At the same time, an IP address will be assigned to the TV.
  • Step 14 :Select the Network Test option and check for the internet connection.
  • Step 15 :If the connection between TV and the wireless router is successful, a confirmation message will appear on the screen.
  • Step 16 :Go back to the PC and open the TV software that you have installed.
  • Step 17 :The program will detect and connect to the TV automatically.
  • Step 18 :If not, go to the Server field and select the Start Server option.
  • Step 19 :Now, the PC will search for the TV and link to it.
  • Step 20 :Navigate to the Share tab and then select the Set Device Policy option.
  • Step 21 :Choose the TV from the displayed list and click the Accept option.
  • Step 22 :After finishing how to connect pc to tv through router guidance, This will connect the PC to the TV.