How To Configure SSH On Router Packet Tracer?

SSH is a client-server protocol that contains an SSH client and SSH server. Secure Shell enables users to access and manage their devices remotely. To know how to configure SSH on router Packet Tracer, refer to the step-by-step instructions given on this page.

Changing the DNS Server settings on Linksys

  • Step 1 :Enter the following command lines in your computer’s terminal.
  • Step 2 :Router (config) #int fa0/0
  • Step 3 :Router (config-if) #ip add M N
  • Step 4 :Router (config-if) #no shut
  • Step 5 :Router (config) #exit
  • Step 6 :Note: Replace the letter M and N with the IP address and Subnet mask.

Step 2 - Router’s host name

  • Step 1:Enter the ‘Router(config) #hostname myRouter’ command line without the single quotes.

Step 3 - Router’s domain name

  • Step 1:Type the ‘myRouter (config) #ip domain name admin’ command line and press the Enter key.

Step 4 - Encryption keys

  • Step 1:Use the ‘myRouter (config) #crypto key generate rsa’ command line to generate encryption keys.

Step 5 - Enabling admin password

  • Step 1:Enter the ‘myRouter (config) #enable password admin’ command line to enable your password.

Step 6 - Username and password

  • Step 1:Use the ‘myRouter (config) #username admin password admin’ command line to set a username and a password for local login.

Step 7 - SSH version

  • Step 1:Enter the ‘myRouter (config) #ip ssh version 2’ command line.

Step 8 - SSH protocol

  • Step 1:Enter the following command lines correctly.
  • Step 1:myRouter (config) #line vty 0 15
  • Step 1:myRouter (config-line) #transport input ssh
  • Step 1:myRouter (config-line) #login local
  • Step 1:Once done, check if you can access the router remotely from your computer.

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