Proceed with the steps given below to configure DHCP on the router packet tracer

  • STEP : 1 Run Packet Tracer as Administrator.
  • STEP : 2 Now, add all devices like router, switch, computer, and server by dragging them to the Packet Tracer window.
  • STEP : 3 Click the connection line from the bottom of the window.
  • STEP : 4 Right-click on the Computer icon and select the FastEthernet0 option. Then, connect the line to the switch and choose an Ethernet option.
  • STEP : 5 Connect other computers or laptops, and server to the switch.
  • STEP : 6 Join the router and switch using an Ethernet connection. Select the GigabitEthernet connection.
  • STEP : 7 Double-click on the Computer icon and select the Desktop tab.
  • STEP : 8 Select the IP Configuration section and choose the Static option.
  • STEP : 9 Open Server and set the connection to
  • STEP : 10 Open the Router window and select the CLI tab.
  • STEP : 11 Enter -NOin the Continue with configuration dialog section.
  • STEP : 12 Type enable in the Router section. Then, type #configure terminal.
  • STEP : 13 When the router config section appears, type #interface and enter gigabitEthernet 0/0.
  • STEP : 14 Enter #ip address Then type #no shut.
  • STEP : 15 Type #exit and enter #ip dhcp pool ABC-POOL. Then, enter #network
  • STEP : 16 Now,configure the DHCP connection. Type #network
  • STEP : 17 Enter the following command #default-router Then enter #dns-server
  • STEP : 18 After the configuration process is complete, you will receive a configuration message.
  • STEP : 19 Now, click the Computer iconand select the Desktop tab.
  • STEP : 20 Select the DHCP option. Now, all your IP addresses will be automatically configured in the IP address section.
  • STEP : 21 Click the Command Prompt icon in the Desktop section.
  • STEP : 22 Enter ping in the Command Prompt window.
  • STEP : 23 Continue the same procedure to complete the DHCP configuration.
  • STEP : 24 Double-click on the Server icon and select the Desktop icon.
  • STEP : 25 Select the IP configuration section and select DHCP.
  • STEP : 26 Open the Command Prompt window and enter the ping command with IP address.
    To configure dhcp on the router packet tracer, contact our technical support by availing the call button available on this screen.