How To Do Cisco Router Firewall Settings?

The Cisco routers enable you to connect your devices to the internet over a wireless or wired network. Usually, most of the routers come with some advanced security features to protect the network devices from unknown access. Cisco router also offers some cool features. Among all, the Cisco router firewall settings plays a major role in ensuring security. A firewall is a set of rules designed to protect the data on your LAN.

How Does The Firewall Feature Work?

  • The rules set on a Firewall filters the packets received by your router.
  • If an arrived packet satisfies the firewall rule, then it is allowed to pass through.
  • If not, the packet is dropped.
  • Cisco routers offer two types of firewall rules.
  • They are the Basic Firewall and Advanced Firewall.
Cisco Router Firewall Settings

Basic Firewall

  • This is the default firewall rule recommended by the Cisco router manufacturers. You can access the Basic Firewall feature as instructed below.
  • Sign in to your Cisco router’s web access page (Cisco SDM).
  • Now, click the Firewall tab.
  • Select the Basic Firewall option followed by Launch the Selected Task.
  • Check the default firewall rules displayed on the screen and click Save.

Cisco Router Firewall Settings - Advanced

  • The Advanced Firewall rule lets you create your own inspection rules. 
  • To create and enable these rules, go to your Cisco router’s web access page and click Firewall > Advanced Firewall > Launch the Selected Task.
  • Create the rules and enter them in the available fields.
  • Finally, click the Save button.
  • Note: Make sure to complete the LAN and WAN configuration before you set up the Firewall feature.

Cisco Router’s Firewall Section Activities

  • Navigate to your Cisco router’s Firewall section.
  • Click the Additional Tasks menu.
  • Now, the Additional Tasks menu section will be expanded.
  • Click the Logging option followed by Edit.
  • Check the Logging to Buffer option on the Syslog screen.
  • Now, you can find the default value of your Cisco router memory. It will be set as 4096 bytes.
  • If you wish, you can change it as per your desire.
  • After changing it, click the OK button.

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