How To Fix Bridged Router Slow Speed Issue?

Brouter or a bridged router is a network device that acts both as a router and a bridge. You can use the router transfer protocols at both the network layer and the data link layer. Configuring the bridged router is simple and easy to perform. But, at the same time, there is also a chance for an issue to occur with the brouter network. Recently, some users have encountered the Bridged router slow speed issue. In the below section, we’ve covered all the possible ways to resolve this issue.

Resolving Slow Speed Issue On Bridged Router

  • STEP 1 : In most cases, the main cause of this issue might be a poor internet connection.
  • STEP 2: As soon as you encounter the slow speed issue, check your internet connection status. If the status is poor or not stable, then wait for it to becomestable or contact your ISP to fix it.
  • STEP 3 : If you encounter this issue even whenthe internet connection status is good, then check the configuration between the two routers.
  • STEP 4 : Make sure that the network cables are connected securely to the WAN or LAN port of the router.
  • STEP 5 : Check whether the main router is configured correctly. If not, reconfigure the main router settings and then check whether the issue is resolved.
  • STEP 6 : If you’re using one main router and 2 bridge routers, then check whether you have connected them as follows.
  • STEP 7 : For example, consider, you’re using router 1 as the main router, router 2 and router 3 as the bridge routers. Now, connect one end of an Ethernet (network) cable to the LANport of your router1 and the other side of the same cable to the WAN port of router 2. Similarly, connect router 2 to router 3 using another Ethernet cable. Before connecting router 2 and 3, make sure to disable the DHCP server on router 3. 
  • STEP 8 : Check the status of your network speed. If the issue persists, then restart all the routers and check whether the issue is resolved.
  • STEP 9 : If not, reset the routers.
  • STEP 10 : In case the reset also doesn’t resolve the Bridged router slow speed issue, contact us.