If your internet data is consumed by many users or the daily usage is increasing due to unwanted web access from multiple devices, you can restrict internet access using the  Parental Internet Control  feature. Carry out these Belkin router restrict internet access steps to restrict internet access using the  Parental Internet Control  feature:

  • STEP : 1 Turn on your Belkin router and check the hardware connectionon it.
  • STEP : 2 Connect your computer to the Belkin router using a standard  Ethernet
  • STEP : 3 Verify whether you have a stable Internet connection on your computer after connectingit to the router.
  • STEP : 4 Open the default browser and enter the IP address of your Belkin router in the URL .
  • STEP : 5 You can identify the IP address of the router on the label located at the backsideor bottom of the Belkin router.
  • STEP : 6 On the login portal of the Belkin router, enter the login credentials in the required fields and click the  Submit
  • STEP : 7 On the Belkin configuration page, navigate to the left-side panel and click the Advanced
  • STEP : 8 Under  Advanced Settings , click the  Parental Controls tab if you have not set the filtering option for Belkin router restrict internet access.
  • STEP : 9 The  Parental Internet Control feature is available for some Belkin routers, and you need to have a subscription to use this feature.
  • STEP : 10 You can also use the free trial for six months in some Belkin routers. 
  • STEP : 11 Enter your email address and its password to access the  Parental Internet Control feature if prompted.
  • STEP : 12 On the  Website Filter screen, select the " Block Malicious, Adults and other non-family friendly sites "   option as your filtering option.
  • STEP : 13 This filter will block malicious websites as well as phishing/scam websites.
  • STEP : 14 You can also choose other filtering options based on your wish.
  • STEP : 15 Click the  Save button to save the applied changes.
  • STEP : 16 After settings up the filters, wait until the Wi-Fi router detects and displays the connected devices on the configuration screen.
  • STEP : 17 Toggle off the button near the device name to restrict the Internet access from the connected device.
  • STEP : 18 Repeat the same Belkin router restrict internet access procedure to restrict Internet access for other devices.