Why That My 5ghz Network Keeps Dropping?

Many users who have the 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection complain that their signals keep dropping often. When a user is browsing the Internet and the 5ghz network keeps dropping suddenly, it would definitely be a frustrating issue. Network and signal outages are always very annoying since, in such situations, the user cannot continue with the work he/she is doing on the computer or laptop. On this page, we shall discuss the 5 GHz network keeps dropping issue and also see the methods to troubleshoot it. Some users report that the problem happens once a day and many others say that it happens multiple times a day. In these scenarios, the devices connected to the 5 GHz band get disconnected. However, if the same person is using the 2.4 GHz band, the devices connected to that band do not get disconnected. At times, the 5 GHz band completely goes down and at other times, the user can see two bars (in the signal), but again the Wi-Fi connection barely works.

Signs that you are getting poor 5 GHz coverage:

  • Step 1:The signal strength that is indicated is just the bare minimum.
  • Step 2:Your 5 GHz signals are not getting detected by the devices.

Let us now see the major reasons behind the 5ghz network keeps dropping problem.

Reasons behind the poor 5 GHz coverage:

The 5 GHz signals travel very slow:

The lower frequency signals will always travel faster than the ones with higher frequency. Since the 5 GHz signals belong to the higher frequency category, they will be slower than the 2.4 GHz band signals. This is one reason for your 5 GHz signals dropping frequently.

The 5 GHz signals are much more sensitive to obstacles:

Since the 5 GHz signals belong to the higher frequency network, they are more sensitive to attenuation that is caused by obstacles. These obstacles include all the concrete objects, such as ceilings, walls, etc. The reason behind this scenario is that the diffraction is low.

Now that we have seen the causes of the problem, we shall discuss the troubleshooting methods to fix the 5ghz network keeps dropping issue.

  • Step 1:Method 1 - Checking the router: First, you need to check if your router settings support the 5 GHz Wi-Fi signals. If you find that the router settings do not support that frequency signals, you have to replace the router with another one that can detect the 5 GHz Wi-Fi signals.
  • Step 1:Method 2 - Changing the location of the router/modem: The long distance between your devices and the router (or access point) might result in the signals traveling too slow. This could make your Wi-Fi connection drop frequently. So, try relocating the router or access point to a place that is closer to your devices.Continue reading to know the other methods to resolve the 5 GHz network keeps dropping issue.
  • Step 1:Method 3 - Try removing the obstacles: If there are too many barriers/obstacles between the router and the devices that use the 5 GHz band, that might make the 5 GHz signals extremely weak. One simple way to resolve the issue is by removing these barriers between the router and the connected devices.
  • Step 1:Method 4 - Replacing the outdated firmware: This is one of the long-term solutions. You need to check the firmware version of your router. In case it is outdated, it is time to update the same.Read on to find out the last method to solve your 5 GHz network keeps dropping problem.
  • Step 1:Method 5 - Changing to 2.4 GHz frequency: If all the above methods fail to work, then you have to try mitigating the issue with some sophisticated antenna technology. If this technique also turns out to be a failure, the last resort is to switch over to the 2.4 GHz band.

You have now solved the 5ghz network keeps dropping problem.